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  1. For the true revolutionary/2011-08-10

For the true revolutionary/2011-08-10

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Five years ago, the Slums of french Boomtowns where on fire. The European Elite, like the red Dictators twenty years ago, was fearing the decline of its institutions, its so called "achievments". What they did not understand at all, what they scared the most was the undirected destruction. "It's just rage" they said - meaning "only a positive, maybe a political goal could fuel the engine of a "revolution"".

Every positive, every political revolution in history failed.
The storming of the Bastille was followed by the Jacobin dictatorship and the reactionary Napoleonic Emipire.
The popular upspring in Petrograd in February 1917 was followed by the Kernsky regime, which was not able to please the popular needs for bread and peace. Revolutionary times where ended by a communist dictatorship.
Every destructive force of underdogs against rulers was followed and annihilated by a constructive force of the rulers against the underdogs.

What's the only power in the world that could liberate us?

The undirected destructive force! Unfortunately only for a short period of time.
They call you scum?
What a mean creature wants to offence you with your highest value?
You are scum! Destroyers, wanting nothing but to destroy.
This is your nobility!
I want to say thank you for this, you scum; you are the only true revolutionaries.

And now?
Burning towns, again. Now in Great Britain.
No positive agenda, again.
So they call you criminals, again.
Be criminals! Be criminals and you become revolutionaries.

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